Dec 16

The results of the ICAC-hosted BC All Ages Meet, held 14-15 December 2013 at the Palomar College pool in San Marcos, have been removed due to possible timing system inaccuracies and are pending a full review by SI Swimming.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

written by docbailey

6 Responses to “Inland Coastal Aquatics Club BC All Ages Meet Results”

  1. 1. Greg Spire Says:

    These look like just the top 3 for each division. Can we get the full results?

  2. 2. David Nelson Says:

    The posted results look to be incomplete. Over half of the athlete swims are missing from the pdf document. Since I don’t have access to HyTek, I’m not sure if the CL2 file is also affected.

  3. 3. Swimmer Says:

    Can you post the full results? Thank you!

  4. 4. Dan Stock Says:

    The results appear to have applied the incorrect time standard achieved to the final times. Many of the swimmers achieved “A” times, but the times are coded as B.

  5. 5. Caroline walker Says:

    Will the times still count for jo’s ? My son got 3 this meet? Thanks

  6. 6. Swim Mom Says:

    When will the official results from the ICAC meet be posted?

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